Vintage 1864 $1 California Token Necklace / BG-1328B New Variety



Very unusual necklace with five 1864 California Period III type $1 tokens.
 Similar to the scarce BG-1328 variety but showing a hearth shaped ribbon
 on the bottom of the wreath reverse. Overall length is approximately 4.5″.
 We have never seen a necklace like this in our 45 years of specializing in California fractional gold
 so we must assume it is one of a kind. We do have a BG-1328 certified by PCGS
 so we would assume PCGS would certify each of these coins with a new BG #. 
The tokens appear to be brass or gilt like the BG-1328. 
We have assigned it a BG-1328B attribution at this time.
 Our price is less than $200 per coin.