NEW DISCOVERY 1851 R8 Finest Known! BG-1317B



xtremely rare new discovery 1851 California fractional gold 1/2 dollar. Incorrectly slabbed as a token by a third party certification company & graded MS62. Before sending it off to PCGS we thought we would offer it up on eBay. We are always excited to make new discovery & BG variety finds as we have over the past 45 years specializing in California Fractional Gold coins. On to this find. Unlisted in any reference, even the BG II bible! Chances are this coin will be included as a plate coin in any new BG reference. Possibly a chance to get your name listed with the coin at that time. We confirmed this new find with Mike Locke as a BG-1317B. Mike owns one of which shows heavy scratching on the reverse. The obverse line shown in the pic is NOT a scratch and most likely a die crack as Mike’s exhibits this also. This is only the second one known & obviously the finest. Thus the R8 rarity designation. Once slabbed by PCGS who knows what it will be worth being the only one ANY grading company has certified.