Charbneau, Alaska Gold, So-Called Dollars




Limited Edition brand new reference out which is a must have for collectors of fractional gold coins such as the Alaska DWT, LPE/Louisiana Purchase Exposition 1/2 & 1/4 and the infamous Charbneau dollars. Finally an in depth reference on these wonderful and highly sought after gold fractional pieces by Jules Louis Charbneu. The book is over 70 pages of historical information and color pictures on this subject. We have handled several references in the past and find this publication to be of one of the highest quality of them.  Beautiful hard bound edition with heavy bond and high quality pages. Simply a bargain at the price compared to some hard to find BG references now. You simply must buy one of these for your collection immediately as they should only appreciate in value in the future as so many Numismatic references do. We were fortunate enough to have purchased a couple of each of these.