1912 Rd Ind $1 British Columbia Gold / PCGS Greene-400 HR7 POP 2/0



Only 5 certified by all grading companies in all grades. PCGS tied with one other for finest known.
 One of the last undiscovered series of Numismatics. Most have very low mintages & survival numbers.
 What do you know that only has 5 certified of anything? Then ask yourself what only has 5 certified
or known specimens that is under thousands of dollars? BC fractional gold pieces are what
Calif fractional gold pieces were 40-50 years ago. Look at the prices being brought by Cal fractional today.
 Then look what an HR7 Cal fractional is bringing today in MS62. 
If you have ever wished you had gotten in on the ground floor of Tesla or any other opportunity,
then you should take a good hard look at BC fractional Gold and don’t miss the boat again.